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    12月31日雅思大作文真題參考范文 | 公司領導層的報酬是否應該更豐厚?
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    2020年12月31日 雅思大作文題目

    Directors in organizations receive higher salaries than ordinary workers. Some people think it is necessary but others think it is unfair.

    Discuss both views and give your opinion.



    [“二八原則”鋪墊討論核心] According to Pareto Principle, 20% of the people own 80% of the wealth. This can be found to apply with uncanny accuracy to many organizations, where the few people, managerial personnel, are much better paid. [表態] I personally believe this phenomenon justifiable. 


    [短句先行,讓一步討論“不公平”一方] Certainly, the widening pay disparity disturbs ordinary workers. They may think that everyone should be paid for the workload and the working hours. [舉例輔助,簡短即可] Currently, in a manufacturing plant, for example, managers sit all day and sign the paper only, while workers have to do tedious physical work overtime. If the work cannot be paid off well, they feel unfair, and one consequence of the unfairness is thedemotivated workers and their decreasing productivity.


    [討論另一方“有必要這么做”] However, I agree with those who argue that remuneration for senior executives should be higher. It, in fairness, matches their years of experience and a wealth of expertise, [反面烘托領導層的重要性] without which hardly can these decision-makers foresee the future of the industry, integrate and harness resources, and plan the work for each sector properly. This means the prospect of a company depends largely on these vital few, who hence should be retained with higher salaries. [短句引出第二個支撐論據] The lucrative paycheck, in another way, also acts as an incentive. With its lure, the average employees are more likely toapproach their job with vigour, expecting to climb to a higher position. It then follows with a more successful business they drive.


    In conclusion, it seems to me that it would be better to grant top executives the salariescommensurate with what they have done and what they are capable of. This pay-scheme is beneficial to both individual employees and organizations.